Forage And Find Mud Kitchen
Forage And Find Mud Kitchen Front
Forage And Find Mud Kitchen Front With Bench Top Opened
Forage And Find Mud Kitchen Diagonal
Forage And Find Mud Kitchen Kids Cooking
Forage And Find Mud Kitchen Child Playing
Forage And Find Mud Kitchen Three Kids Playing
Forage And Find Mud Kitchen Two Kids Playing
Forage And Find Mud Kitchen Kids Drawing On Chalkboard
Forage & Find Mud Kitchen Video
Forage And Find Mud Kitchen Interactive Water Tap
Forage And Find Mud Kitchen Water Tap
Forage And Find Mud Kitchen Sliding Bench Top
Forage And Find Mud Kitchen Chalkboard
Forage And Find Mud Kitchen Measurements

Forage & Find Mud Kitchen

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Calling all foragers! All experimenters! All mud-mixers, potion makers, spell creators!! Oh golly gosh do we have the kitchen for you and your imaginations. Fancy a sand souffle? Roasted dirt with a daisy and buttercup garnish? Get your whisks ready, because fun will be had on your stove top and the oven wee chefs! Time to clean up…or turn that roasted dirt into a mud pie? No sweat. Just get one of the big people to hook up the hose and give the tap a turn, ta-da! Running water! Ready to pack up? With a handy shelf for storage, hooks for hanging and the moving sliding bench to cover up that sink, you will be neat as a pin in no time!

Forage & Find Mud Kitchen Measurements

So Much Imaginary Fun! 

This outdoor play kitchen has everything your little one could want for hours of imaginary fun!

    • Working tap with removable sink basin. Hook up your hose, give the tap a turn, and ta-da! Running water! Don't worry about the mess because when you're ready, you can just pop out the lightweight sink basin, empty it out and you're back in business.  
    • Sliding Benchtop. The 50cm high benchtop comes with a clever design allowing you to slide open the benchtop to reveal the removable sink basin, while at the same time giving you an extra "cooking" zone when extended. 
    • Fun chalkboard. What's on the menu today? Write out your favourite recipes and get creative on the big chalkboard. 
    • Stove top with knobs. Your little one can cook up an imaginary family feast on their very own stove top with dials.
    • Spacious oven with easy-open door. Pop your creation in the play oven, turn the dials, close the door and it'll be "ready" in no time!
    • Hanging hooks. Let those pots and pans air dry after a good wash using the interactive tap and sink basin. 
    • Storage shelf cubby. 
    • Premium timber. The cedar timber used for our kitchen looks beautiful and is naturally insect, rot and decay resistant. We recommend sealing or painting your wood to increase longevity - check out our clear Waterproofing Wood Stain & Sealer.
    • Meets NZ safety standards. We know how important safety is for your kids, take comfort knowing this product meets NZ Safety Standards.
    • Designed for outdoor domestic use. Our Forage & Find Mud Kitchen is meant to be enjoyed at home with family and friends.
    • Easy assembly. Simple step-by-step instructions will help you set up your table with ease.


General Structure:

  • Premium cedar timber
  • Interactive water tap which can connect to your hose and produce running water
  • Removable sink basin with sliding benchtop that creates an extra 'cooking' zone when extended
  • Oven with door and open cabinet storage
  • Outdoor pretend kitchen stove top
  • Chalkboard for recipes or menus
  • Hooks for hanging utensils (utensils and accessories from video are not included)
  • Bench top height: 50cm

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Assembled Dimensions: 128cm x 49.5cm x 101.5cm (L x W x H)
  • Bench top height: 50cm
  • Gross Weight: 27kg

Carton Size:

  • Box 1: 112cm x 51cm x 24.5cm - 27kg (L x W x H)


  • Meets New Zealand Safety Standards
  • Designed for outdoor domestic/home use only

Safety Precautions:

  • See Product Manual for full safety guidelines


  • 12 Months Parts Replacement Warranty
  • For more information on warranty, see our Warranty Policy here

Assembly Required:

  • This product comes partially assembled in a box with step-by-step assembly instructions included.
  • As part of your warranty you must add wood sealant or paint to your wood within 90 days for protection from the elements - see our Care & Maintenance page for more tips

Product Manual:

Download Product Manual

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