Forest And Frolic Waterproofing Wood Stain And Sealer Clear Gloss
Waterproofing Wood Stain And Sealer Creates A Clear Waterproof Barrier
Forest And Frolic Waterproofing Wood Stain And Sealer Clear Gloss Before And After
Waterproofing Wood Stain And Sealer Honey Brown
Waterproofing Wood Stain And Sealer Walnut
Waterproofing Wood Stain And Sealer Outdoors

Waterproofing Wood Stain & Sealer

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Believe it or not, water can do quite a lot of damage to wood over time. Although our wood is insect, rot and decay resistant, there's no escaping that over time, all wood is susceptible to degradation from the weather, especially when it's left unsealed or unpainted. That's why we have always recommended customers add paint or wood sealant to their play sets. 

So, here it is folks ūüėä your very own Forest & Frolic Waterproofing Wood Stain & Sealer. It's convenient and it's capable of kicking butt against our harsh Kiwi climate to keep your play set looking pretty!

Waterproofing Wood Stain And Sealer Creates A Clear Waterproof Barrier

Extend the Life of your Wood!

We're stoked to now offer our very own Waterproofing Wood Stain & Sealer which gives you strong protection with a beautiful finish.

    • Protects against moisture, rot and decay.¬†Over time moisture penetration can damage wood.¬†Gain peace of mind knowing your play set is well protected.
    • Strong resistance to mould, mildew and fungi. Our sealer¬†effectively penetrates and seals exterior wood, helping to resist nasty mould, mildew and fungi.¬†
    • Excellent durability. Protects and beautifies¬†your outdoor play set for up to 5 years depending on atmospheric conditions and your geographic region.
    • Environmentally friendly with low V.O.C.¬†We use a gentle, low V.O.C. water-based formula that's easy on the environment.
    • Easy application with water clean-up.¬†Our 100% acrylic, water-based formula goes on smooth and fast and offers an easier clean up, compared to oil-based stains.¬†


Product Description:

  • 100% acrylic exterior wood and deck sealer.
  • Effectively penetrates, seals, waterproofs and protects wood, resisting moisture penetration, and subsequent rotting and decay.
  • High technology waterborne formulation that retards the aging process (silvering) of new, unexposed fresh wood.
  • Excellent mildew resistance and possesses ultraviolet resisting pigments that slow down the damaging effects of the sun‚Äôs UV rays.
  • Protects and beautifies wood surfaces for up to 5 years depending on atmospheric conditions and geographic region. Longevity and wear are relative to the amount of foot traffic to which the product is subjected.
  • The ultimate combination of acrylic resin and additives form a wood finish that is soft enough to expand and contract with porous wood, yet is durable and hard enough to accommodate deck traffic.
  • When coating begins to wear with age, prepare the surface (see surface preparation), and re-coat.
  • Not designed for interior use

Product Uses:

  • Can be used on exterior uncoated wood such as cedar, pine, fir, redwood, etc., and well weathered previously wood when using proper preparation
  • Possesses excellent adhesion and can be used over other water-based paints, stains and coatings once compatibility has been determined by testing an area and checking after 72 hours for adhesion and compatibility.
  • Designed for use on outdoor wooden play equipment, structural timber, wood siding, shingles, fences, doors, frames, sash, trellises, decks, pool decks, docks and spas.
  • Not designed for interior use

Surface Preparation:

  • All surfaces must be completely dry before application
  • Do not coat soaked, wet or moist wood with this product
  • For proper adhesion and penetration it is essential that the surface is fully clean and prepared properly. Pressure wash all wood with a water and chlorine solution using at least 1500 P.S.I. to remove any previous coatings, mildew, dirt, grease, grime, and other foreign materials. If wood is weathered and has remained dark or silver gray after pressure washing, apply a solution of 1 part chlorine and 2 parts water and scrub with a stiff brush. All wood should be lightly sanded with 80 to 100 grit sandpaper. Additional sanding may be required on new wood to remove mill glaze. However, please note sanding can sometimes change the colour of your wood. So, if you don't want your colour to change, don't sand it. Pressure wash again. Pressure treated wood must be weathered, dried and aged a minimum of 6 months before coating.

Application Procedure:

  • Two coats are recommended when wood surface is smooth. Three coats are recommended if wood surface is slightly rough.
  • Apply the sealant to your whole play set, including the pieces that are in contact with the ground.
  • Sealant's spread rate is 18 ‚Äď 32 Square Metres Per Gallon
  • The Clear version will appear to be milky at first, but will clear out as it dries. Do not thin this product; apply as it is from the container.
  • Do not apply when temperatures are below 7 degrees Celsius, or when humidity is very high. Do not apply to extremely hot surfaces.
  • The surface must be dry and free of all moisture. Do not apply when sealer will be subjected to rain or heavy dew before it has had enough time to dry (approximately 1 to 2 hours). Drying time will vary from location to location depending on weather conditions.
  • Stir product occasionally during use. Apply using paint brush, roller or spray. Do not apply too heavily so that puddling occurs. When spraying, back roll with a thin nap roller cover. Pump up stain sprayers can be used. Airless Sprayers may be too powerful, adjust pressure and other settings to spray a uniform amount of product without making runs, back roll with a thin nap roller cover. When rolling, use a thin nap roller cover.
  • Sets to touch in approximately 1 hour, and dries in approximately 1 to 2 hours.
  • Wait at least 2 hours before recoating
  • Wait at least 24 hours for foot traffic and at least 72 hours before placing any furniture on the coated surface.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Blushing, whitening and/or hazing may occur if (1) surface is not completely dry and free of all moisture before application, (2) product is applied to extremely hot surfaces or (3) product puddles or is applied too thick.

Clean up:

  • Use warm soapy water to clean up all spills, tools and overspray immediately while the tools are still wet.


  • For continued protection, recoat surface approximately every 3 to 5 years, or when desired gloss is no longer present.

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