Shipping policy

For a full summary of our shipping policy visit our Shipping Policy page.

We ship nationwide. When placing your order, ensure you have chosen whether you live in the North Island or the South Island.

Orders are generally dispatched from our warehouse in 1-3 business days. From there, it will take up to a few days to reach you depending on your location.


All of our products are designed so you can assemble them yourself. They come with comprehensive step-by-step assembly instructions. Our wooden products even come with pre-drilled and semi pre-drilled holes to make your job that much easier. Standard tools are needed for assembly, and having the right tools can make the job go faster (e.g. with our wooden products having a powered screwdriver/drill instead of a simple handheld screwdriver/drill will make setup much faster).

Yes! Check out our friends at Kitset Assembly Services to book a professional. Quotes are available for all of our products on their website. Just follow the portal here and leave the stress of what fits in where, to them.

We recommend taking all the parts out of the boxes, spreading them out and separating them by part number before you begin any assembly. This will make it easier to follow the instructions and should make for a smoother assembly process.

No, sorry we don't. All of our products are pre-made kit sets. We have a growing range of play sets to suit different types of play. The models are specifically designed to meet safety standards and should not be altered.

Wood care

For a full summary of our wood care instructions visit our Natural Timber page.

Wood is a natural product, so it's normal for your wood to have bends or to not be perfectly straight. It should not affect the structural integrity of your playset. But if you have any concerns, please just send us detailed photos and we can assess it.

Like our little rascals, no two pieces of wood are exactly alike – each has its own personality and will react differently to the climate. This can result in timber openings or ‘wood checks.’ A check is the separation of the wood fibres running with the grain of the wood. A wood check does not affect the strength or durability of the wood or the structural integrity of your playset. However there can be rare cases where genuine wood splits occur. This happens when the crack develops past the halfway point of the piece of timber, effectively splitting it into two separate pieces. If you're unsure please send us detailed pictures and we can assess the wood.

This is a natural wood fibre. It indicates the wood has reached proper planting age and is ready to be used. Don't worry, you don't need to do anything, the fibres will disappear over a few days.

Product Manuals

You can download this from the Product’s webpage. Find your product here, click on it and scroll to the section of the Product’s webpage called ‘Product Specifications’. Click the grey button and the Product Manual should be at the end of the section.

Returns and exchanges

For a full summary of our Refunds Policy visit our Refunds Policy page.